• Coach Tyler

Hard Fought Victories at the Bushido MMA Invitational!

We had our top athletes competing and impressing the crowds at Bushido MMA's 15th Anniversary Super Fight Invitational.

Thomas Lewis (Blue Belt) submitted his opponent via choke. He displayed refined mechanics but still stuck to his bread and butter, the furiously persistent lapel chokes.

Oscar Villa (Blue Belt) won via medical stoppage after a fast paced match. His fast paced style makes for a hard roll for any level athlete.

Thomas Gerace (Purple Belt) lost by points in overtime after a technical display of the De La Riva positions he's been working on the past year. He showed great heart and fought neck and neck the whole time.

Michael Irving (Purple Belt) won his match via armbar with a high level of positional control shown the whole duration.

Tyler George (Black Belt) won his match via Ankle Lock after 12 minutes of positional battles. He is our dark artist and is the Head Instructor at out Virginia Beach Academy.

Come try out a class and see why Tidewater BJJ has had the game in a headlock for years!


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