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Tidewater BJJ Chesapeake Temporarily Closed

Tidewater BJJ Family,

We are in the process of vacating our current location and want to keep everyone updated on our plans to reopen. Unfortunately, we are having to temporarily pause operations due to the ongoing shutdown being implemented by the state. We are not able to continue paying rent and charging our family dues when there is no definitive date on a reopening phase that will allow for us to continue operations. In light of this, we have opted to vacate our current space and pause everyone’s dues until we have confirmation from the state as to when we will be allowed to reopen. We are looking at a couple of spaces to relocate, both within a couple minutes of our previous location on Battlefield. This is a very TEMPORARY setback, and we are NOT closing down our academy. We look forward to being able to reopen and in the interim we will be preparing for that arrival date by finalizing the lease on our new location as well as renovating our new space. This is the best option for everyone, both the academy and our members. We are confident that in the coming weeks we will have more guidance from the state as to a date we can identify for our reopen. We appreciate your loyalty to our great academy and we will continue to provide updates on progress made. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have during this transition period.

Tidewater BJJ Chesapeake Management

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