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Working off the Turkey with Charity Rolls!

Everyone needs a good workout after Thanksgiving so we figured we'd host an Open Mat! Our Chesapeake gym invites athletes from all around the 757 to come together and sweat out the turkey grease. We had representatives from Bushido MMA, Journey BJJ and Breakaway BJJ as well as a few others.

We also had a door fee with all proceeds going to the Food Bank of Southern Virginia and the Eastern Shore! Toro BJJ, Cageside MMA and our own private donors gave clothes for the upcoming winter as well. If only we showed up to deliver them

in a sweaty gi.

Overall we had a wonderful time sharing our mats with athletes of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Jiu-Jitsu continues to be a strong unifying force for everyone we come in contact with.

Thank you to everyone that came out and donated!

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